This summer, include seasonal fruits in your diet and feel the benefits of each one in your health.

Each season has its own specific fruit and the nutritional composition varies according to the season.

Summer fruits are very hydrated fruits, filled with vitamins, fresh and low in calories, because with the high summer temperatures the body needs more hydration and vitamins.

Benefícios das frutas de verão | Holmes Place

Summer is the time of year when the most fruit is consumed. But we must remain faithful to the dietary recommendations: eat between three (at least) to five (at most) pieces of fruit per day.

This summer, increase the consumption of the fruits of the season mentioned below, varying the maximum between them, so that you can enjoy the benefits that each one provides to your health.

Some summer fruits

APRICOT (also known as Damascus)

Alperce - fruta de verão

Apricots are orange-colored fruits, not too juicy. Apricots are rich in beta-carotene and fiber, give us the first signs of the arrival of summer and are abundant in various nutrients, in particular in vitamin C and vitamin A.


Ameixa - fruta de verão | Holmes Place

Plum is a juicy and sweet fruit, available in a range of colors. Rich in flavonoids and beta-carotenes, they are potent antioxidants, preventing cell aging. Due to their high fiber content, they are given a very intense laxative effect, fighting constipation problems.


Morangos - frutas de verão | Holmes Place

It is not surprising that they are the most famous berries in the world, having a nutritional value especially rich in vitamin C and magnesium. It is a low-calorie fruit, with anti-inflammatory properties and its seeds stimulate intestinal transit. Strawberries are an excellent ingredient for many sweet recipes, shakes and also salads.


Mirtilo - frutas de verão | Holmes Place

With flavors that oscillate between slightly sweet, sour and bitter, blueberries explode in nutrition and flavor, while having low calories. They have an intense color that oscillates between blue, brown and black-purple. Blueberry is a fruit rich in antioxidants and helps to reduce cholesterol.


Cerejas - frutas de verão | Holmes Place

One of the most consumed fruits in the summer. They are rich in phytoestrogens, plant hormones with actions similar to estrogens, being indicated for the relief of menopausal symptoms. They also have reasonable amounts of water, fiber, calcium, iron and vitamins A, B, and C, thus having refreshing, diuretic and laxative properties.


Melancia - frutas de verão | Holmes Place

There is no fruit that evokes summer more than watermelon. The name of this juicy and refreshing fruit will not surprise you (watermelon – “water melon”, in English). Its caloric value is very low because the main component of watermelon is water (about 92%). It contains vitamin A, B6 and C and its richest mineral is magnesium. Its red color is due to lico¬peno, a potent antioxidant. Unlike most fruits, it is low in sugars and an excellent fruit to be consumed frequently. Ideal for: moisturizing, purifying and satiating. It also has laxative and diuretic properties, and facilitates digestion.


Melão - frutas de verão | Holmes Place

They are fruits very rich in water and, therefore, very moisturizing. Despite the sweet taste, the melon / melon are low in sugar and have few calories. They are also a source of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, fiber, have a low caloric value and help to regulate appetite. Both melon and melon are ideal for: weight loss diets, help fight cancer and detoxify the body.


Uvas - frutas de verão | Holmes Place

The combination of crispy texture and dry, sweet and acidic flavor, makes grapes a very popular snack between meals as well as a refreshing addition and a nutritional complement to fruit or vegetable salads. Contains tannins, polyphenols and fiber. Ideal for relieving constipation, anemia and facilitating digestion.

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