From buying and crashing a F1 car to giving his baby an unpronounceable name – He may be an extraordinary genius but Elon Musk is also the world’s biggest eccentric: And now he wants to build a colony in Mars

Backed by enormous amounts of wealth, the world’s super-rich have been known to do (and buy) some outlandish things from time to time.
From splashing out on over-the-top parties (like spending millions to have celebrities like Michael Jackson attend and perform) to purchasing extravagant gifts for loved ones (like that time Angelina Jolie bought Brad Pitt an actual waterfall and the property surrounding it), it seems the more money in the bank, the more outrageous the lives of the world’s richest become.

Take Elon Musk, for example. The tech billionaire is famous for engaging in certain endeavours many would consider “out there”.

Unseated by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest man, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO has done quite a few eccentric things over the years – here are some of his more bizarre antics.

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He bought himself the fastest car in the world
Before being named the wealthiest man on the planet (and before the position was quickly usurped by Jeff Bezos), Musk used a good chunk of his new-found wealth (over US$800,000) to buy a McLaren F1.

Only 106 units of the supercar were made, and about a year after Musk bought his, he crashed it.



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